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    ACR 5.3 RC -  how to regress to 5.2?

    Robert Shomler Level 4
      One question I always have for a beta is how to go back to the previous version should that be desired. This for acr was fairly straightforward when the install effort was copying a new Camera Raw.8bi file into the correct common files plug-in folder. I would move the previous 8bi file to a backup location and copy in the new one. Regressing was a simple procedure replacing the newer 8bi with the previous one.

      With 5.3 I see that there are now two files in the plug-in folder: the expected Camera Raw 8bi plus a CustomHooks.dll file. If I should want to go back to 5.2, would I restore the 5.2 Camera Raw.8bi file and erase the dll? If I then wanted to return to 5.3, would it be sufficient to replace the 5.2 8bi with the newer one and restore the dll file?