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    Nikon D90 and CS2

    Marie A.
      Now that I bought a new Nikon D90 camera, I started trying to take photos using Nikon's RAW mode (.NEF). However, my Photoshop CS2 cannot open them the .NEF files. I have read on these forums about downloads that are available for different Photoshop versions and different cameras, but don't know which download would apply to my Nikon/Adobe combination. The Nikon D90 is not listed. Your help would be appreciated. (I use Windows XP.)
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

          The Nikon D90 is listed here [ http://www.adobe.com/go/kb407111 ] as supported by ACR "4.6, 5.1", neither of which works with CS2.

          That means that you will never be able to open your NEF files directly in CS2.

          The workaround is to download the free, stand-alone DNG Converter 5.2 and convert your raw files to DNG files first, then open the DNGs in ACR 3.x hosted by CS2. The DNG Converter does not need any version of Photoshop to run at all, so you should download the latest version, which can convert your files.
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            JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
            Your camera was released long after development for Photoshop CS2 and ACR 3.x had been discontinued. There will never be direct support for your raw files in Photoshop CS2. You would be wise to upgrade to Photoshop CS4, which does support your camera, and ACR is much more robust. If that is not an alternative then you should download the latest version of the DNG converter and use it to convert your NEF files to DNG files. Then you will be able to want to those files in Photoshop CS2 using ACR 3.7.

            I should have known that Ramon would beat me to it. :)
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              Marie A. Level 1
              Thank you Ramon and Jim. It sounds like upgrading to CS4 would be a lot easier, although I usually prefer to wait until I'm sure that any problems associated with any new software version, in this case CS4, would not add to my computer problems. I've heard both rave reviews and some caveats with CS4.
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                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                There's nothing difficult about converting raw files to DNGs. That being said, yes ACR 5.2 and later is light years ahead from any version you can run in CS3.

                Don't wait too long to upgrade, or CS5 might be out before you know it. :D