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    Camera Raw 5.3 RC installs in Japanese

      I have downloaded and installed ACR 5.3RC to fix the problem of magenta highlights in Canon 5d mkii Raw files. The installation gave me no language options and installed in Japanese by default. How can I change the language or re-install in English - bearing in mind I cannot read Japanese (or is it Chinese?) so cannot change any preferecnes from within the installed version.
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          Greg Barnett Level 2
          I had the same problem on both of my machines (Macbook Pro, Power Mac). Dont know if it was specifically Japanese but it was an Asian version. I couldnt find a way around it via the installer and had to pull a copy of the English plugin from someone elses Mac.

          OSX 10.5.6, CS4 Master Suite, no previous localization issues, LR RC 2.3 running as expected.

          Ive reported it to Adobe.