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    4.6 not showing in camera profile pulldown

      I'm running P.S. CS3 and have installed Camera Raw 4.6. "Camera Raw 4.6" shows on the top of my window when I launch images from Bridge for processing in ACR, but when I go to create new color profiles in the Camera Calibration tab, 4.6 is not listed in the pulldown menu? I checked my folder in the Library and the 4.6 plug in is where it should be? Any suggestions?
      Thank you for any help.
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          Dennis 1111 Level 2
          If you want to check the version of ACR, the best way is to look at the title bar of the ACR edit window. If you have the edit window in full-screen mode, you will have to change it to window mode to see the title bar. You can also check by using the Help>About in both Bridge and Photoshop (and if those two don't match, you have installation problems.

          Regarding the version numbers in the calibration profiles, that can be a little confusing. Up until recently, if you wanted the most current version of the profile, you just used the highest version that appeared. If you happened to be on version 3.5 of ACR, for example, and the highest version of profile that appeared in the drop-down was 3.2, that just meant that your camera's profile hadn't been updated since 3.2 and 3.2 still was the one to use. If you also saw a 3.1 in the profile list, that meant that there was a previous profile and if you still needed it for consistency purposes, you had it there as an option. Normally, what you wanted was the highest number profile if you wanted the latest and greatest.

          Recently, Adobe has changed the way it is labeling the camera profiles. Instead of version numbers, they now use names that mimic the camera manufacturer picture styles or in-camera settings. They way they have been differentiating different versions of these new profiles up until now is by specifying beta 1, beta 2, and profile name only (which is assumed to be the latest and greatest).

          I have not seen any of the Adobe team members explain what they plan to do if in the future, they update what is currently considered a "non-beta" profile. I believe that this condition exists now for the 5DmkII so maybe somebody who uses that camera and has downloaded the 5.3 ACR release candidate could comment.

          Bottom line: If you have a camera from a major manufacturer (Canon, Nikon, and a few others), just use the named profiles (for Canon, this would be Camera Standard, Camera Faithful, etc.) and forget the numbered ones.
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            Thanks for your explanation. I do have Camera Raw 4.6 listed at the top on my edit bar in ACR. My concern was that the 4.6 version is not available in the camera profile drop-down menu. 4.3 and 4.4 are the only versions listed. It sounds like 4.4 was probably the first Camera Raw version that supported the Nikon D300? Seems like a reasonable explanation. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I read your response to say that if there are no further ACR version upgrades on a particular camera model, future Camera Raw versions will not be applied in the camera profile menu in the Camera Calibration tab?

            Thomas Fors' script for color calibration, the AcrCalibrator seems to be fine tuning the reds in my test photos nicely when I apply my newly created D300 strobe preset

            Thanks again for your help,
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              No, you don○t have it quite right yet. Version 4.4 was the last update before Adobe made the new profiles available. There is now a set of profiles for your camera that would include Adobe Standard, Camera Standard, and several other profiles designed specifically to match the D300 in-camera settings. Those profiles are installed automatically with the new versions of ACR which are not compatible with Photoshop CS3. The easiest way for you to get those profiles would be to download the newest version of the DNG converter (5.2) and install it. During the install the new profiles will also be installed and will then be available for use in ACR 4.6. If you don't want to use the DNG converter, don't worry about it. It is just a single file and doesn't take up enougbh room to matter.
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                Thanks for the clarification. I'll give the 5.2V a try or just upgrade.
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                  I am a newbie to Photoshop and have just received my Photoshop CS3 extended and have just installed it. Now I can't figure out how to download the camera raw plug-in and which version should I download.
                  I guess the Raw is the right version for CS3 extended but I do not know how where to download it from and which place(folder) to store it in to run.
                  Any help would be greatly helpful.

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                    Yammer Level 4
                    I just found these by searching Adobe.com

                    I guess the instructions will be in there somewhere. I can't rememeber how 4.6 was supplied - as a single file or an installation package. If it's a single file, you find the old plugin cameraraw.8bi (hopefully only one of them) and copy over it; if it's a package, you just run it.
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                      Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                      >you find the old plugin cameraraw.8bi

                      That applies to the Windows version only.

                      The Mac version is named Camera Raw.plugin
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                        John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                        An alternative would be to go to the Photoshop Help Menu and click on Updates. It sounds like this is a new installation and shouldn't have any beta versions of ACR installed, so the Help/Updates should go out to find the update, download, and install it.
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                          Thanks Keith for the links. Everything is perfect now.