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    RAW in Lightroom vs CS4

    Dr. Malcolm Bramwell
      I believe the RAW converter is the same in CS4 as in Lightroom_2. In LR even jpg images are manipulated in the raw converter, develop screen. Is this true in CS4? That is, does one have the option of manipulating jpg images in the raw converter in CS4? The localised adjustments in LR2 are very useful and I wonder, if I get CS4 if I can manipulate the localised adjustments in the same way as in LR2.
      Thanks in advance for advice.
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          Allen Wicks Level 1

          [no answer here to your post, sorry]

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            Dennis 1111 Level 2
            There are some differences in the user interface between LR 2 and ACR 5 (PS CS 4) but in terms of the changes you can make to the image, they are virtually the same at this point in time. For example, ACR 5/CS4 now has the localized adjustment brush, gradients, targeted adjustment tools, and snapshots.