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    Canon 40D Profile?

    Heirloom Bob Level 1
      I have downloaded and installed Camera Raw 5.2 so now my ACR has been upgraded on CS4, to ACR 5.2.
      My problem is the camera profiles. When I click Camera Calibration, I see
      ACR 4.4
      ACR 4.2
      Adobe Standard
      Adobe Standard Beta 1
      Camera Faithful
      Camera Faithful Beta 1
      Camera Landscape
      Camera Landscape Beta 1
      Camera Neutral
      Camera Neutral Beat 1
      Camera Portrait
      Camera Portrait Beta 1
      Camera Standard
      Camera Standard Beta 1
      I firstly wonder about getting rid of the "Beta" profiles and secondly, wondered if I should see something pertaining to my Canon 40D?
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

          You don't have a problem at all. :)

          First, everything you see on that list pertains exclusively to the specific camera model that generated the raw file you are opening at any given moment.

          Second, yes, you can delete the old beta profiles. If you're on a Mac, you'll find them in:

          ROOT LEVEL (nameOfYourHardDisk)/ Library/ Application Support/ Adobe/ CameraRaw/ Camera Profiles/ .

          Windows: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles"
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            Heirloom Bob Level 1
            Thanks Ramon and I suspected that but could see anywhere, a list of what should show up. Also thanks for the beta delete answer. I will do that now.