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    My CS raw broken after several good years, help?

      I have had CS installed and working fine on my machine for several years and I shoot strictly in raw (nef from a D80). All of a sudden a few days ago CS decided it did not want to open raw files any more, tiffs and jpgs still work fine. The first thing I tried was to download the latest raw plugin for CS and install it, still resulting in the same problem. I then proceeded to uninstall and reinstall CS in a few different ways, but to no avail. I also tried opening a raw file from my backup drive with the same results. The specific error message is "could not complete your request because of a disk error," which doesn't mean much to me but I am getting the idea that it is a problem with my machine and not the CS software itself.

      I am desperate for any ideas/suggestions/help; since I only shoot in raw and my CS isn't working with that format I am virtually crippled and my CS is worthless to me.

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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Sounds like your hard drive is going bad, or it has gone bad already.
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            Ramón, yes I am thinking it is possible the problem is with my HDD and not CS. My machine has been acting "twitchy" in some other aspects recently as well. I am hoping it is not my computer though since I have extremely limited funds... and even if I did have the funds, I have heard so much negative feedback about Vista and Macs are so pricey. Argh!

            I am still hoping for suggestions that might help me resolve my CS issue.
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              Disk error could mean several things that have nothing to do with a
              hardware failure.

              1) Check your free space, particularly Photoshop's swap drive.

              2) Check the system event log (Start>Programs>Admin Tools>Event Viewer, you
              may need to enable this in the task bar property's advanced settings, and
              see if you have a large number of big red X's that coincide with trying to
              use Camera Raw.

              3) It's worth trying the three fingered salute - hold ctrl, alt, and shift
              down while Photoshop starts up and click Yes when it asks if you want to
              clear prefs. This is generally useful for clearing up Photoshop glitches,
              and unlikely to fix the problem you found with Camera Raw, but it's worth a

              4) Try accessing Camera Raw from Bridge instead of Photoshop.

              Good luck - keep at it and I think you'll find a solution that won't cost
              you a penny, and you'll be back on the air making pictures.
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                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                Joshua says his whole machine is acting "twitchy".
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                  ------> RESOLVED!!!!! :) who'd thunk it, but reinstalling Picture Project fixed the issue with CS. I reinstalled it (despite my doubts) to see if it would help, and now that it did, I have noticed while opening files in CS, in the status/progress bar at the bottom of the CS window it says "reading Nikon NEF PP format." I gather that the "PP"=Picture Project, weird. I decided to try it after some suggestions over in the "Photoshop-Windows" forum: Geoff suggested ViewNX as part of a solution and I realized I uninstalled ViewNX from my machine recently; and after Dennis suggested Nikon made a plugin (I assumed only Adobe made the plugins for PS) it made sense that it would be some Nikon software I uninstalled that "broke" CS.

                  Curvemeister, I am going to have to remember your suggestions in the event of any other future problem with CS and see what they do.

                  I do still have some said "twitchy-ness" in other programs, but the importance of getting the functionality of my CS back far outweighs those other non-essential entertainment softwares.

                  I thank all that took time to respond (no thanks to Adobe Tech support or customer service) :) :) :)
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                    As one who knows how dark it can get, I'm glad you got to the end of the

                    BTW - I believe that Picture Project installs it's own plugin for handling
                    .nef files. This can cause problems with Photoshop recognizing NEF files
                    and vectoring them to Camera Raw. Check for, and remove, any 8bf files
                    that PP may have installed.
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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional
                      Photoshop CS's Camera Raw plug-in never supported the D80 natively, as support came in CS2 with ACR 3.6, according to http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb407111&sliceId=2

                      That said, it is possible to open the files in ACR (camera raw) if you install Camera Raw 2.4: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=2701 , and convert the raw files (or a copy) to DNG, using the latest version of the converter: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4369 in order to use the excellent Camera Raw plug-in, rather than the inane Nikon plug-in that offers almost no control.

                      More recent versions of Photoshop run ACR 5.3, with many new advanced functions.