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    A few questions about ACR / windows. Newbie here, please help  :)

    Karrie Ann
      1. How do I "un-do" any edits that I have done in a.c.r.? I made some white balance changes and synched a group of photos but then realized it didnt work for all of them. For the life of me I cant find any way to get rid of the adjustment that is now attached to those images?

      2. Also when I have made some adjustments that I like, I thought that they were suppose to show up on my images? I see the save button on the bottom left of acr but when I do that it actually saves a copy. I dont want it to save a copy, I just wanted my adjustments to be attached to the original (in the sidecar as Ive heard some of you say).

      Any suggestions as to what I need to do. Thank you K