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    Photoshop freezing while using 4.6

      Windows XP Pro
      Camera Raw 4.6

      When opening a number of files, it will frequently freeze up and while I'll click on another image, the main image stays the same, but alterations are clearly being made to the image clicked on as seen in the strip. Sometimes I'll get a memory message when I try to atleast save the files that I've finished with or it will just stay frozen and have to be shutdown via Task Manager. There should not be a memory issue (have 6gb installed although it can't read that until I move to a 64bit OS - waiting for Windows 7 to make that change). I originally did have the cache as the C: drive where the program resides (has 500+ gb free), but switched to another drive that has over 200 gb free.

      Any ideas on other things I can try?