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    Sorting Images IN ACR

      In ACR with Bridge CS4, why hasnt their been a method of sorting the raw files AFTER they are open within the ACR interface in case you want to re-order them before exporting to JPG by:

      1. Rating
      2. Date / Time Taken
      3. Filesize
      4. Horizontal or Veritcal (& Vise versa)

      It could be a "per selection" right click option where once a set of images is selected it could be re-ordered in the list according to criteria set by the user like the ones in the list above ( i am sure there are plenty more people would like to see ). This way when exported using multi-digit serial numbers for batches, they can be re-odered at any time the user feels necessary before saving to JPG (i have shoots where the filenames get clumsy sometimes and i just want to arrange my set by time taken so they are all in the order i shot them....sometimes they get messed up for some reason and this often destroys the continuity of the shoot for my clients when viewing the shoot.)

      Any suggestions (besides arranging them in bridge then opening them?)

      I would really really like to see this become a feature within the ACR interface.