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    Capture sharpening ?

    jljonathan Level 1
      I am going to try using ACR for capture sharpening with a 1dsMkIII after regularly using PS. Does anyone have a any recommendations for initial settings to start with for this camera? And, possibly for several shooting situations ie. landscape, fine detail, portrait.
      Thanks for any suggestions
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          Ann Shelbourne Level 1
          A good starting point would be to get Martin Evening's "Photoshop CS4 for Photographers" and try out his suggested settings for various types of photograph; and read WHY he has set them that way.
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            Bill_Janes Level 2
            For a brief introduction, you can look at Jeff Schewe's writeup on camera raw 4.1. It is a bit dated, but many of the basics are the same:


            You could also look at his ACR book if you are merely interested in ACR:

            http://www.amazon.com/Real-World-Camera-Adobe-Photoshop/dp/0321580133/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s =books&qid=1237065801&sr=8-2
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              jljonathan Level 1
              Thanks for the suggestions. I read the sharpening information in Evening's CS4 and looked at the 4.1 writeup. I now have a much more complete idea of how to approach this area.