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    Uninstalling Camera Beta 2 Profiles from Mac OS X

      I am trying to learn Lightroom 2.3 which I recently installed on my iMac OS X 10.5. I was reading a book about camera profiles and
      downloaded the beta 2 camera profiles. I now realize that the version of
      LR2.3 which I am using already had the final version of the profiles installed. I would like to delete the redundant beta 2 profiles.

      I found the FAQ related to this on the Adobe website. It says to go to the location where the profiles are installed on my computer. Then delete the Adobe Standard beta 2 and Camera beta 2 folders to delete the "beta 2" profiles. However when I go to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles as suggested, I cannot find any folders called profiles. The only thing there is an "Index.dat" document which is dated from the time I installed LR2.3. I don't think that I really want to delete this.

      Is there somewhere else that the beta 2 files might be kept? By the way I do still see all the "Camera xxx" and the Beta 2 profiles in the pop-up menu in the Calibration Profile panel.