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    Cannot see ACR 5.3 update in the Camera Profiles on CS4

      I'm using CS4 on Windows Vista 64. I have tried the manual installation process multiple times before and after re installing CS4. I've tried the AUM with no results good or bad. I know there are two Camera Raw.8bi files that have to be installed in Vista 64 and I've been very careful to get both of the correct files to the correct destinations - I've gotten a lot of practice at this. There have been no error messages. One thing Bridge is doing now is that when I open an image, it opens it in Elements 7, which I upgraded from. When I close PSE7 and reopen the RAW file, it then opens in CS4. My big concern however is not seeing ACR 5.3 in my Camera Profiles. Any thoughts for a non-techie?
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          New profiles are not created for each new release of Camera Raw. I don't know what kind of camera you have. But for Nikon, for instance, there are several different profiles for each model that are designated as Adobe Standard, Camera Standard, Camera Vivid, etc.. I think these are going to pretty much be the standard for those cameras. If you have a different brand of camera then there may only be the profile versions that were created previously, and they will not change the name of that profile to a newer version.
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            helmigr Level 1
            Yeah Jim, I wasn't very clear on my problem here. I know that the profiles are camera dependant. What I really meant concerned Calibration where you see the profiles. You also see your version of ACR in there. I've upgraded to 5.3 but didn't see it and was stressing over whether it had upgraded correctly. I think I found my answer in some FAQ's - by the way, they say to look here before posting a question, and of course I didn't.

            Q: Why is the profile listed in the Calibration tab showing a version of Adobe Camera Raw that's older than I am using ?

            A: What you are seeing is normal, and is due to the fact that the built-in profile for your particular camera model hasn't changed between that version of Adobe Camera Raw and the version you're using now. If you see the profile listed as "beta" then your camera has only unofficial support.
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              Robert, I am having a similar problem with Elements 6, in my case I have installed the 8BI file on my desktop, and I can see all the options Jim describes in camera profile My camera is Nikon, so those are the options I should get. But on my new laptop, all I get in camera profiles is ACR 4.4. I originally downloaded the most recent camera raw update to the laptop, but when that didn't work, I copied the 8BI file from the desktop to the laptop with a memory stick, and I still get the same results - no options. Camera raw on the laptop does recognize my camera, and lists it at the bottom of the preview screen, but it does not populate the options in camera profile.

              I distrust the answer you got from FAQs, because my camera did not exist at the time ACR 4.4 was released, and it really does not explain why I can't get the same camera profile selections on the laptop as I do the desktop. Both are Dell, Vista 32. Both are PE 6. Both are the same camera, and now, the same 8BI file. And both show ACR 4.4, The 4.4 doesn't bother me, but I want the camera options on my laptop.
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                Robert, I have found the solution on another forum.


                Read the post by ATR, Dec. 5, 2008, 11:27 am. Basically, to fully populate your list of camera profile options, in addition to adding the 8BI file to your file formats folder, you will also add the "Camera Profiles" executable file and execute it right there in the formats folder. It will open an installation wizard, and you just hit all the "next" buttons.

                My list is now:

                ACR 4.4
                Adobe Standard
                Camera DX Mode 1
                Camera DX Mode 2
                Camera DX Mode 3
                Camera landscape
                Camera Nuetral
                Camera Portrait
                Camera Standard
                Camera Vivid

                I hope this helps. I certainly feel better now.
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                  Hi Robert Helmig,

                  Were you able to update to ACR 5.3? what does the Help > Update say, does it lists ACR 5.3?
                  Have you tried download from Adobe.com and then run the setup?

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                    JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                    Just to clarify.  Updating to ACR 5.3 is not going to give you a 5.3 profile.  New camera profiles have been provided with appropriate titles, and the ones that are listed as 4.4 and so forth are profiles that were added in that version of ACR.  But there is not a new profile provided for every version of Camera Raw.  I just use the profiles that were listed by Robert.  They are the most current profiles, and probably the most accurate.

                    Jim Hess