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    Corrupt CR2 RAW files

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      Has anyone found a fix for CR2 RAW files being corrupted? I have read all the thread postings I could google on various forums and can not seem to find any solid fix to the problem.

      I purchased the Canon 400D for my trip to Asia and shot over 1500 photos, almost all in RAW. I transferred 90% of the images onto CDR and DVD media to make more room my Sandisk Extreme III 4gb card. Of the 1500+ photos, 150+ of my images remain corrupted.

      I am posting this in hope that someone has found a fix.

      Canon 400D Xti Rebel
      Sandisk Extreme III 4gb
      Atech Flash Technology "Pro-Gear" USB 2.0 card reader
      IBM/Lenovo Z60M desktop replacement

      Canon's DPP (Digital Photo Professional)
      Microsoft Camera Raw Viewer (does not work with CR2)
      Adobe CS2 with latest upgrades

      I filled my CF card up four times during the duration of my trip.

      Listed in order:
      1 - 6 CDR's
      2 - 1 DVD
      3 - 3 CDR's
      4 - straight transfer from CF card to my Z60m laptop

      Of the four times I DL'ed images, the first 4 CDR's were the only folders that did not carry any corrupted files. All files were DL'ed onto a PC using my Atech card reader locally before burning.

      Of all the images I took, I noticed a total of about 2 to 3 images that are shown to be corrupted when played back on my camera. I reviewed each and every file anywhere between 1 to 5 times on my camera prior to transfer and they all looked fine (maybe the camera plays back the embedded jpegs?). I would delete all images using the in camera function. I formatted the card before each fresh shoot. Originally thinking it was a CD/DVD transfer issue, that would not explain why some images from the last batch off the CF card (straight from CF card to reader to laptop) were also corrupted.

      Here's my workflow (I'm new to RAW): I used Canon's DPP for a day and all the thumbnails displayed perfectly. Like CS2, I believe the software first displays the embedded jpg Thumbnails before loading the actual RAW preview. I did NOT notice any corrupted images based on the rendered thumbnails but I have not verified all my images first before making a strong claim to this.

      I have not installed my copy of CS2 at this point and anxious to use Adobe Bridge, I did so the following day. After playing with some images, I began to notice some weird lost of colors in some of my thumbnail preview images. I attempted to open these files and DPP gave me a corrupt image notification. I tried it in Adobe Bridge and the images opened only to show me that either the image had part of it white, black or various colors. Some images were entirely black.

      On the advice of a forum poster, I used Fastone Image viewer to see if I can save the image as jpegs and it worked but the jpeg was a smaller both in file size and dimension; not a complete lost at least. I did not recall having any image corruption with the exception of about 3 images (at most) which was witnessed on the camera itself during playback which prompted me to think that there was a bad sector on the CF card.

      - One forum poster suggested that Microsoft's RAW viewer were causing problems. Originally, I attempted to open one or two CR2 files and MS RAW viewer launched but gave me errors. I DL'ed the latest version and installed it and it will also not work on CR2's. After reading the MS page on the RAW viewer, it shows that CR2 was not supported yet. I then uninstalled the proggie after reading the posting.

      - Another forum poster suggests that it is a bad card reader. I will attempt to transfer images directly from the camera going forward.

      I'd hate to have this happen again but can not fathom why the problem will not reiterate itself with more RAW transfers going forward. Hopefully, someone has a good solution. Thanks. -Will
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          It could be a bad card, card reader, cable, or connector.
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            michael shaffer Level 1
            I don't imagine the cause can be confidently troubleshot until you have end up with bad raw file on your HD while the original file is still on your CF memory card. Only then can you try a variety of transfer methods for realizing where it goes wrong.
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              The problem may be in the camera. Perhaps you were shooting too quickly and the camera did not have time to write all the information from the buffer to the compact card. This could result in incomplete or corrupt files.
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                hmmm, isn't that what the buffer memory on the camera is for? If I had the capability to shoot over 8 consecutive frames (or more on the Rebel xti) on the camera wouldn't shooting a few shots closely from one another be allowable? I don't see how this could be the case since all the series of images I took using the burst function came out ok and uncorrupted.
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                  Technically - the Extreme III cards are not certified for that camera.
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                    Mike - how can one find out what cards are certified for XTi?
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                      I have had a similar problem, but with a different brand of CF card. I was able to replicate the bad photo numbers (about half of the cad) a number of times as I filled up the card with dummy photos. For me the problem is clearly a bad card. Also a second card from the same company has a few bad photo numbers that also can be replicated.
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                        Finally found the culprit. Fake Sandisk Extreme III CF card purchased off eBay. Beware. A quick google search on fake cards yielded a nice eBay article on this issue. buyers beware.
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                          Much thanks for all your inputs.
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                            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                            >found the culprit. Fake Sandisk Extreme III CF card

                            First six words of the first post in the thread:

                            > It could be a bad card

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                              >Finally found the culprit. Fake Sandisk Extreme III CF card purchased off eBay. Beware. A quick google search on fake cards yielded a nice eBay article on this issue. buyers beware.

                              imagine that~!


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                                This may sound like a basic question, but are you formatting you card each time in the camera, or using the Card Reader to erase it?
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                                  I have a similar problem although I have a genuine card (bought in a "real" store...). My pictures look like this:
                                  I posted the problem on the adobe Lightroom beta forum a while back but found no solution.
                                  http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=72&catid=591&threadid =1238520&enterthread=y

                                  I hope someone can help...

                                  Arthur (iTuurke)
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                                    Arthur, looking at your sample image and reading your description, it looks as though I have much the same problem as you. I have two CF cards with 20D CR2 photos on them. Many of the RAW files, when downloaded onto my Win XP PC, end up with bright oranges, pinks and yellow stips and patches throughout. Reimporting the images from the cards multiple times results in the same problem but sometimes to a different selection of images on the cards (one card is a SanDisk 1Gb Ultra II, the other a 2Gb SanDisk Extreme III (both are legit cards from respectable photo shops). What's particularly weird is that I've downloaded these same images from the CF cards onto my Win XP laptop (using a different card reader) and they are all perfect. When a then copy those perfect downloaded files onto my desktop PC (over a network) they end up with the same problems as before! Have you managed to identify the cause of your problems? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm happy to put some sample images online if that would be useful to someone.
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                                      Richard, It's very interesting that you mention the copying over the network thing. As the corruption of the files seem to happen "suddenly"(after I worked with them before with normal results) all the corruptions seem to happen After I've copied them. Sometimes this was from camera (via USB) to laptop, from card(reader) to laptop, from laptop to Network (wireless NDAS) drive or from wireless network drive to laptop/desktop. I'm not hundred percent sure, but it seems like the corruption have this in common. Beceause all pictures were OK at first I'm 100% sure that the card is not the problem. Hope this extra info can help to bring the solution closer...
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                                        Even though your card may be store bought, I highly suggest verifying if your card is bad:

                                        http://reviews.ebay.com/FAKE-SanDisk-Ultra-Secure-Digital-Cards-Exposed_W0QQugidZ100000000 01254879

                                        For me, none of my RAW (CR2) files show up bad until the software begins to render the RAW thumbnails as opposed to displaying the jpeg previews. In Lightroom upon import there is an option whether you want to do this during import or 'on demand' as your work with the image. Hope that helps. good luck.

                                        A friend also told me about disk integrity software that you may want to run on your CF cards to check for bad sectors. I know this applies to hard drives but not sure of flash memory but if it is a recurring problem, perhaps look into analyzing the CF card with these kind of apps.
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                                          Not sure if this Post is still active or whether this has relevance to the question?

                                          I have recently upgraded from a Canon 350D to a 400D, and am having an intermittent problem when trying to open DPP converted RAW to TIFF Files in Photoshop; the image hangs for a few seconds then Photoshop crashes? The problem appears to go away if I move the TIFF's into a separate folder before editing.

                                          This happens on my home non network PC and also on my Work Network system?

                                          I wonder if this has anything to do with Microsoft RAW Image viewer not recognising these files or possibly a corrupt SanDisk Extreme 111 Card?

                                          Any ideas?
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                                            Well, since my last post my PC got progressively worse with more images corrupting so in the end I bought a new PC. Transfer of files from original camera cards (that were causing problems on old PC) yield perfect results. As the corruptions were occuring when downloading to either of my HDDs in my previous PC I suspect that the cause was actually a fault IDE controller on the motherboard or something along those lines. So, good news for me-- I'm back in action! Hope this information helps someone else out there....
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                                              michael shaffer Level 1
                                              > As the corruptions were occuring when downloading to either of my HDDs in my previous PC I suspect that the cause was actually a fault IDE controller on the motherboard or something along those lines.

                                              Not knowing if you used a USB or FW interface to your memory card or camera, I can certainly attest to USB controllers onboard older motherboards causing some issues. It may have been interesting to try a bus-card solution before purchasing another computer (altho I'm sure you got more than a remedy to your problem). Hopefully, these problems do not exist with newer hardwares.
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                                                Buddy I am new to the RAW format; how do I read a .cr2 file from my Canon? I have tried Adobe Photoshop, the Canon Raw software and nothing recognizes it
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                                                  John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                                                  Robert, we need more information. Which Canon camera is producing the CR2 files? What version of Photoshop do you have? What version of Photoshop's Camera Raw filter are you using?

                                                  How are you getting the CR2 file from your camera to the computer?

                                                  What are the steps you are taking that lead to it not being recognized? For example, you copy the image from the memory card to a folder on your hard disk. Then you go into Photoshop and File > Open and navigate to the CR2 file and click OK. Do you then get an error message? Or does something else happen?

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                                                    Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                    Macintosh or Windows.
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                                                      John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                                                      Sounds like Windows (IBM/Lenovo Z60M)
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                                                        Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                        Oooops! I had missed that in that ocean of text.
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                                                          I see this is an old post but I also noticed the type of card you have is a 4gb Sandisk ExtremeIII that the corrupt files were from right? I just received the same card from Amazon and my first shoot is completely corrupt..I too shot in RAW....card manufactur problem maybe??
                                                          any thoughts?
                                                          i too am trying to find someway to recover these files!
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                                                            Ann Shelbourne Level 1

                                                            I can't help you with your files and suspect they are toast.

                                                            But a suggestion: don't post your e-mail address in "plain sight" in a Forum because the Spam-mongers almost certainly will find it!
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                                                              The process for determining what is causing the files to be corrupt can be a tedious one depending on the following:
                                                              1. Can you review the images on your camera's LCD screen without problems? If not then the problem is most probably either a corrupted/faulty memory card or a faulty camera. If this is the case then your best bet at recovery (of sorts) is to use a program such as BrezzeBrowser from BreezeSys to extract the embedded jpeg versions of the corrupted RAW files from within each RAW file. Chances are, you won't manage to actually repair the corrupted RAW file but the jpegs are better than nothing.
                                                              2. If the images review ok on your camera but are corrupted when viewing on your computer and there seems to be no other problem with other files on your computer then it may be either a faulty card reader or usb/firewire cable between the card reader and the computer that is the culprit. Try the card reader with a different cable and also try a different card reader to determine the cause of the corruption.
                                                              3. If your symptoms are that you get different files corrupting over time when viewing them on your computer then the problem may be any one of either failing RAM memory, hard disk, hard disk controller or IDE/SATA hard disk cables. This is where the troubleshooting can be pretty tedious testing then eliminating each item from the list of suspicious pieces of hardware. Try the card and card reader on an altogether different computer to see if the files transfer correctly to that computer. If so then the problem lies with your computer hardware. If you haven't already done so at this stage, backup all your important data immediately (hopefully you keep backs anyway).

                                                              Hope this helps.
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                                                                I believe to have posted my results in this thread as the forum does not allow me to edit my original post. If it is buried, then here it is again. I used a borrowed CF Card that was purchased off eBay.

                                                                After MUCH stress in the amount of research and diagnostics, the card was found to be a counterfeit. eBay also has an article to warn buyers of this (would be better if they included the link to the actual postings by default to protect its customers).

                                                                For the person who bought the card off Amazon and are having problems, my immediate logic despite other hardware concerns is one of this:

                                                                1) Bad card from the manufacturer but I believe in Sandisk's QC (quality control).
                                                                2) Customer bought a bad card or is a bad card dealer him/herself and purchased a legitimate card through Amazon who then returned it with the fake. Think of this as money laundering with fake goods. Amazon resells it to customer, you, unknowingly.

                                                                My advice is to first spot to see if it is a fake as this is the sole purpose of why I got the corrupted images to being with. Google for the eBay article which lists photos to spot a fake. After purchasing the real deal, I have NEVER received a corrupted image to date after over 30 gigs of new shots. good luck to all.
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                                                                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                                                                  You can only edit your post in the first 30 minutes. Click on "Show all messages" to see all messages in a thread, as every time you come back you will only see the last two posts.

                                                                  Your post is still here:

                                                                  BuddyWill, "Corrupt CR2 RAW files" #8, 16 Apr 2007 8:30 pm
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                                                                    I hope someone can help with this one, and quite quickly too! I've lost a whole day's shooting - not sure what I did, whether it was delete all the images on my card or remove it while it was downloading. Either way, I can't access any of the pics on the card. I've bought and downloaded Data Doctor Recovery, and it's recovered 598 files. Problem is, it's recovering and saving the files as _MG.3445.CR2, instead of IMG.3445.CR2, and so I can't open any of the pics. I've tried renaming the _MG to IMG, and I've tried renaming to 001.JPG, but neither one will open. Does anyone know what else I can do?
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                                                                      John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                                                                      The filename before the extension shouldn't make a difference in opening the files. Canon cameras use _XX_9999.cr2 themselves to indicate an image that was taken in the Adobe RGB color space (instead of sRGB).

                                                                      You might try changing the do in the middle to an underscore (IMG_3445.CR2 instead of IMG.3445.CR2), but I'm not sure that would make a difference either.

                                                                      I would check with the folks you got the data recovery software from to see if they have a support line or forum. They may be more able to help with this.
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                                                                        John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
                                                                        I noticed you tried changing the file extension, too. That could hurt more than help. What format were the files taken in? Raw or JPG? Maintain the original file extension.
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                                                                          Panoholic Level 2
                                                                          >Problem is, it's recovering and saving the files as _MG.3445.CR2, instead of IMG.3445.CR2, and so I can't open any of the pics

                                                                          When a file gets deleted, the first character of its name becomes hex. FF, indicating, that that entry in the directory is free. Therefor the file recovery program can not recover that character. However, that is not the cause for anything except your confusion.

                                                                          On the other hand, the recovery program is expected to verify, if the file content is still intact. Unfortunately, this can be determined *reliably* only in case it is *not* intact. However, if *all* those files are unprocessable now, then a more serious mistake must have happened.
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                                                                            Omke Oudeman Level 5
                                                                            You also did not tell what brand and size the CF card is.

                                                                            Did you by any change used the sRAW function for your Canon Camera (598 files are either small files or a huge CF or both for RAW files I would think...)

                                                                            And have you tried the Canon software that came with your camera already??
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                                                                              try changing the file extension again.

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                                                                                Helenina_Raskolnikova Level 1

                                                                                Hi Richard,


                                                                                I hope ypu are still checking this posts after so long. I read your answer about extracting jpgs from corrupted raw files through Breeze Browser. I went to the page and found the software and I am about to buy it. Before I do so, I wanted to ask you how complicated is it to do this procedure. Do I need certain level of expertise to be capable of doing this? Also, is there any other software you would recommend? Is Bridge capable? I am so glad you mentioned it. Loosing RAW is bad, but loosing the image completelly is the worse.


                                                                                Thanks in advance!