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    ACR JPEG not EXIF ColorSpace tagged

    Manovi Level 1

      I have noticed that saving in JPEG from ACR 3.7 with sRGB space selected doesn't create a exif:ColorSpace tag (it should I think, because sRGB has value = 1). Importing in Photoshop from ACR (space = AdobeRGB), converting in sRGB/8 bit and saving as JPEG (not web save) creates the tag (exif:ColorSpace = 1).

      Is the ACR behaviour "by design"? I agree that the color space is identified by another tag (EXIF 2.2.1 standard doesn't supports values different from 1 (others are undefined)) but the two workflow should bring to the same tagging. Or not?

      Anyone noticed this behaviour?

      Thank You
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          Why do you care since ACR always embeds the correct ICC profile in the JPEG files it saves directly? The ICC profile should override any exif color space settings.
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            Manovi Level 1
            Yes, thats's true (as noticed in the previous question) but some customers reading photo files asked why they read "undefined" color space using a Microsoft photo exif viewer or another viewer that reads exif info "as is".

            The question is only about the different behaviour of ACR and PS saving a JPEG. If PS saves (after JPEG 8 bit conversion) with the correct tag, why ACR doesn't write it down the same when saves for JPEG?

            Probably the tag should be saved as sRGB (value = 1) only with the sRGB save in ACR, while in any other case (AdobeRGB, ProPhotoRGB, Color Match RGB) should be tagged "undefined" (65535).
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              I wonder if this is related to an unresolved problem I posted over in the Bridge forums: http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx/.3bc3c9bd/3

              From Windows' perspective, I'm missing a lot more of the EXIF tags than just color space.