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    Purple sky problem

      Ever since calibrating my camera & monitor, the skies in my landscape shots are coming out too purple. I can correct it by lowering Tint in ACR, but that makes everything else too green. Anyone have any suggestions, or theories what the problem might be? The camera calibration (done with the Macbeth color checker & Thomas Fors ACR Calibrator script) added quite a bit of Red (+23) and Green (+27) Saturation.
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          michael shaffer Level 1
          Are you attributing the purple sky to calibrating your camera or your monitor? You'll have to separate the 2 before we can be of real help.

          Assuming it's the camera, you should mention which camera it is, in case one of us uses the same camera and sees extreme numbers. For example, the +sat for red seems to relatively common but the +sat for green might be suspect. How does the Macbeth CC look after calibrating? Under what lighting did you expose the MCC?

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            I had a similar change when calibrating my Windows based laptop monitor at 6500k using a Spyder2Pro. A big change towards magenta. When I recalibrated using "Native" rather than 6500k and Gamma 2.2 I found the results to be much better.