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    Canon EOS 5D images not displaying in ACR3.7 even in .dng format

      If I view the RAW images from my Canon 5D in Canon Digital Photo Professional, everything looks fine and as expected. But I want to use Photoshop.

      I am using CS2, I have downloaded ACR 3.7 and the 4.0 DNG converter. If I convert the RAW images to .dng files and open them with ACR3.7, the colors are off quite a bit and some of the highlights and shadows are clipped. It's so bad that I can't tell what I should edit. If I then click "Open" and import them to Photoshop, I can convert the profile to a profile specific to my LCD display and they look OK. But I have defeated the original purpose of having ACR and being able to directly edit in RAW format.

      Question: Is this an ACR problem and should I upgrade to CS3 and ACR4.0? I thought DNG 4.0 was a workaround to get ACR 3.7 to support the same list of cameras as ACR 4.0. Or is this just a problem with my display? Remember that Canon DPP doesn't have a problem.