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    Resizing RAW files

      I posted this message on another forum and was forwared here:

      I have been able to sucessfully open image files shot on my Fuji S5 Pro using Adobe Photoshop and the DNG converter. Yee Ha! It gives me the option of files sizes ranging from 1530 x 1024 to 6144 by 4111 at various resolution settings.

      I am assuming the original RAF files are not compressed and the largest file I can open (without adding unwanted pixals) is the original, largest available camera file size 4256 x 2848.

      I keep seeing digtial files of about 50 megs. from other photogaphers so I am assuming these files are interpolated upwards? There are options in the DNG to go much larger but I'm weary of adding pixals.


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          ArrrBee Level 1
          In ACR when you go to the image size drop down, the options with a "+"
          enlarge the image (like doing Photoshops image resize), the "-" reduce the
          image size. What you want is the option that doesn't have a + or - by it
          that is the real actual image size done by the camera with no software

          As for the size from others it is hard telling without them telling you what
          they did. A compressed 20MB file loaded in to Photoshop could be 50MB in
          memory. This would indicate that the file is getting about a 50% compression
          reduction. In the end it is really all meaningless. You want the native file
          dimensions without software enlargement or reduction.

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            Robert thanks, I spent a long time trying to figure that out.

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              ArrrBee Level 1
              I am sure to the programmers at Adobe that the + and - signs made perfect
              obvious sense. But for some reason it didn't click with me either. If I
              hadn't read a post on the forums a year or so ago I doubt I would have ever
              got it myself.

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                Panoholic Level 2
                You can see digital files in the size of many hundred megapixels or even in the gigapixel range. Are you sure it was a single shot what you saw?

                Increasing the image size via upresing is the cheapest solution with corresponding cheap quality. The price to pay for really large images is work, work, work; this means adjusting, stitching, adjusting, blending, adjusting...