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    Phase one files with 4.0

      when i import my phase one raw files from my P30 into lightroom, i get a line trough the middle of the image....like the image is actually 2 seperate halves that don't quite match up (in terms of exposure and color)....at 100asa it is barely visible and at 800asa it is totally obvious....when there is a lot of detail, the line is less obvious, on solid backgrounds (or blue skies) it is more obvious.....this problem does not come up with C1 v3.7.7....i have spoken to phase, but because it does not happen with their software they blame adobe (as always...) i know that the phase files are not officially supported....i am more then happy to provide a raw file if that would help resolving the problem or ongoing issues with phase files....as far as i know the new phase+ files cannot be read at all by CR, so there should be a new release soon? i really wish phase was more open.....i am totally hooked on LR and can't go back to C1....i would rather retouch the line out of every frame....but that is obviously not really a solution....thanks paul