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    Questions on the retouch tool

    DJ-G Level 2
      First let me say, THANK YOU for the retiouch tool in ACR.

      1. Is there any way of saving the retouch settings? Doesn't appear to be any entry in the save settings dialog.Very often you'd like to have multiple sets of points per shooting session which addres different areas, e.g. vertical sky vs. horizontal sky, etc. as often you don'r want to heal very busy areas.

      2. How do you move the canvas when the retouch tool is active? You can use page up & down for coarse vertical movement, and Home and End take you to upper left and lower right corners, but there's no way to move left-right or drag the canvas around. Makes navigating while retouching almost impossible without moving back and forth between the hand and the retouch tool. One of the ways I look for faint spots is to use small canvas movements to let the eye detect the difference.

      Thanks for a great upgrade!
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          John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
          For #2, can you hold down the Space bar to temporarilly get the hand to move around? Let go of it and you should be back with the retouch tool.
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            Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
            That retouch Tool is scary. I was trying to make heads or tails of it. It is totally different than clone and heal in PS. What's more, I inadvertently exited RAW with Enter, and found my file saved with the crappy changes I made. On re-opening the file, it came up with the retouch view and I could not see how to revert to the unretouched. I finally figured it out (Whew!).

            I don't like it and most likely will avoid it. I don't need two separate methodologies for the same function.
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              Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
              You'll be very grateful for it if you ever get a dust spot in exactly the same place on the sensor in a 500-image shoot. Fix it in one image and apply to all, regardless of changing background. B)
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                DJ-G Level 2
                John: Yes! Thank you! I can really live with this now :).

                Lawrence: What Ramón says is absolutely true, plus if you need to go back and modify the RAW file, you don't have to de-spot the background again! That alone is a heaven-sent. But you need to modify your workflow / way of thinking.

                It's not scary at all once you get a handle on it, but I recommend you DON'T show the overlays until you really need to, then it works very much like you're used to with the healing tool in PS, with the great benefit you can show the overlays and tweak to perfection, though most times it does a good job by itself.

                Some tips:

                1. Don't show overlays while spotting.

                2. Show overlays when the healing looks bad, tweak spot then hide them again.

                3. If you start making a healing spot by mistake, DO NOT let go of the mouse button until you reduce the healing spot to a really small size - trust me on that one :D.

                4. If you do start healing a huge spot accidentally, DO NOT hit escape - you'll quietly exit ACR whenever it finishes messing up, err, healing the accidental area and you'll lose all your changes. Wait it out and undo.

                5. To do a before & after spotting check, hit Clear All then use undo to cycle back and forth. As a precaution, click Done first then come back in ...

                Ramón, it would be helpful to have a sticky with all the Retouch commands here until it makes its way to the Help files, as this is a powerful function.
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                  Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
                  Thanks for the note about the mouse button.

                  Why I said scary is because it isn't obvious how to revert to the unretouched image, which is where I would invoke history to do so. And besides, i accidently hit Enter (and not Escape, AFAIK!) while looking to change it and it saved the ugly correction I made! If that happens with any other tool, I can go back to camera settings and undo everything, but not so with Heal/clone.

                  I really need to study it further. The usefulness to clean a sensor spot would be god send!

                  but only with an image on which I can afford to play!:D
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                    DJ-G Level 2
                    Lawrence, from your wording above I'm not sure if you realize that all of the healing in ACR is strictly non-destructive unlike in PS. If you happen to save and exit by accident, just bring the raw file back to ACR, select the Retouch tool, display the overlays and remove any spot heal you want, or click Clear All and you're back to no retouching at all. Yes, you can play all you want, with no worries! You can't lose with this thing - well OK, you could lose time futzing around :-).
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                      Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
                      That's what I finally discovered, DJ. But nornally, I expect to use the step backs in Basic to achieve those ends, and it doesn't do that. Which is why it scared the crap out of me!:D
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                        Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

                        I'm just a user just like you, probably the lowest on the totem pole here at that. :D

                        Your comment has to be directed at one of the Forum Hosts who drop by here, like John Cornicello, Ian Lyons, Ozpeter, etc.
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                          DJ-G Level 2
                          Actually, once you get the right approach and frame of mind, this is MUCH better. With the tool history, you must undo a sequence of heals to get rid of otrher than the last one. This approach lets you undo ANY single or combianation of heals!
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                            DJ-G Level 2
                            Ramón, you sure had me fooled! I always thought you were part of the Adobe team from your expansive posts! Well, if you're down low in the totem pole, I'm underground :D. Thanks for the heads-up.
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                              Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
                              I'm on no one's totem pole!:D