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    ACR 4.1 Issue - Lightroom Issue with Nikon D40x Raw Files

      I am running Windows Vista and CS3 and am trying to process Nikon D40x raw files (NEFs) using ACR 4.1. The images come up properly in Bridge. However, when I try to add metadata using a metadata template, I get the error: "There was an error writing metadata to DSC_130.NEF." When I try to rotate an image in Bridge, I get the same error. If I try to do a Batch Rename, the name does not change. If I double-click on the image, it opens properly in ACR and the image can be rotated in ACR, and it then appears rotated in Bridge.

      I also tried importing the D40x images in Lightroom. The following error appeared: "Problem Importing Files. The following files were not imported. The files appear to be unsupported or damaged."