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    camera raw and elements 4.0 on a mac

      I run elements 4 (version 4.0 according to the 'about elements' box) on a power pc mac running Tiger 10.4.9.

      I've downloaded camera raw 4.1 and installed it as per the adobe instructions into the 'file formats' folder, removing the previous version onto the desktop. When I launch elements and check the 'about plug ins' list, camera raw keeps coming up as v3.3.

      The same thing happened when I tried to load camera raw 4.0. The result is that when importing NEF files from my Nikon D80, instead of a sophisticated window with sliders for all kinds of things, I get a really simple window where all I can alter is the orientation, white balance and the exposure.

      I can't believe that the raw converter is that basic - snapshots in magazines and online suggest I should have far more control. Can anybody please tell me where I might be going wrong? Thanks.