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    ACR 4.1 Color space(s)

    FourXXXX Level 1
      Windows XP Bridge CS3

      ACR 3.7 and previous used to give the option to convert to various colour spaces (profiles I always get confused here).

      I've noticed that my Canon raw files show up in bridge as "colour mode RGB"

      If I edit in ACR4.1 and save; they show up as "colour mode RGB and colour profile Adobe RGB" which is the color space of the camera (20D).

      Files that I have previosly edited in lightroom (ACR 4) show up as "pro photo RGB"

      I have my colour space in photoshop set to pro photo RGB so lightroom edited files open without a mismatch whereas files edited in ACR4.1 in bridge produce a colour space mismatch.

      Am I missing something? or has the behavior of ACR changed in this respect since the comming of version 4?