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    Ctrl+0 (PC) shortcut not working in ACR 4.x

      Hello, all -

      I've searched this forum and other photo-related forums looking for mention of this issue, but haven't found anything. I'm using CS3 and ACR 4.1 on Win XP. In ACR, the Ctrl+0 shortcut to resize to fit screen does not work. It works fine in PS3 itself, and worked fine in earlier versions of ACR (3.6, I beieve was the last one I tried). All the other standard shortcuts work fine in ACR 4 and 4.1. I was hoping it was "just a bug" and would be corrected with the 4.1 update, but apparently not.

      I posted on another forum also, and someone responded that it worked fine for him on a Mac, but I didn't get any responses from other folks using Windows.

      Has anyone experienced this problem? Any idea why this one shortcut combination doesn't want to cooperate?