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    Bridge CS3 problems

    mogur2 Level 1
      Hi, I don't if this belongs in this forum or the general PhotoShop one.

      Major frustrations with CR2 files from the new Canon 1D Mark III. I have a series of 82 photos taken today. When I open in Bridge CS3, many do not clear up. They stay fuzzy. Others open fine.

      When I right click on the fuzzy ones, there is no option for Camera RAW, just to open in Device Central. Checking in Device Central nothing there is related to my Canon 1DM3.

      Is this a bug. Do I report it to Adobe tech support.

      BTW, using PhotoShop image processor, all files were converted to .jpg with no problems. Yet I cannot open many in Camera Raw.

      I am completely frustrated especially since I need to process these images quickly.