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    Browser Manager, Internet exporer, Page Reload

    rtalton Level 4
      Hi all,
      I'm trying to incorporate deep linking into my Flex 3 application using the BrowserManager. I am testing by changing the URL fragment using the setFragment() method, but I don't see that the page reloads in MSIE. The documentation states: "In Internet Explorer, changing the part of the address that is to the right of the pound sign ("#") does trigger a page reload." It should be re-loading, but even when the page has a large (10MB) Flash Video playing, I don't see a reload of the video. Maybe because it's in the cache already?

      I can't see using deep linking if the page is being re-loaded every time I call setFragment(). I don't want to be re-loading the entire application, if that's what MSIE is doing. Maybe I just don't understand what MSIE defines as a page reload. Is deep linking just too inefficient to use in MSIE?

      Thanks for any advice.