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    Installing Camera Raw

      Have been trying to install camera raw, both 3.6, 3.7 and 4.1 but still I cant open my raw images. It seems that in C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\Adobe there is no plugins file. There is one in C:\ProgramFiles\Adobe\PhotoshopCS but that doesn't help I guess. Please help!!
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          michael shaffer Level 1
          Photoshop CS does not support any of the ACR versions you mention. If your camera is not supported by ACR v2.x, then you either need to upgrade to CS3 (for ACR v4.x), or you can alternatetively download ACR4.x and DNG v4.x and use the DNG converter to create DNG files which can be used with ACR v2.x.

          BTW ... this topic could have been found via searching the forum. Dumb questions are always welcome, but one should always make sure someone else hasn't already asked it.

          HTH :)