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    PhotoKit Sharpener over-ruling ACR ?

      Ever since we started using the latest version of PhotoKit Sharpener (1.2.5) we have started having problems with Adobe Camera Raw (4.1). This problem is happening on 3 machines, both Intel and Non-Intel G5 Macs, OSX 10.4.9

      Whenever we use the PhotoKit Sharpener after importing an image from ACR and save an image, the NEXT CR2 that we try to open will NOT open in ACR, but instead bypasses ACR and opens directly in Photoshop.

      You CAN open the next file in ACR if you do it though -------> File > Open -------> But WHAT a pain to always have to navigate and scroll down, when double-clicking to open is SO much faster.

      In order to get the CR2 to open in ACR (with double-clicking) , we must restart Photoshop. Nutz!

      ANY help greatly appreciated!