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    ACR 4.1, Bridge 2.1 and JPEG file handling

      I have bridge ACR preferences to use ACR for JPEG files. I find it to be inconsistent and was wondering if others had the same problem.

      1. Some jpeg files open fine in ACR; others do not.

      2. Also, if I select 2 or more jpeg files and then Cntrl-R to open in ACR, they will not load whereas the same operation always works with RAW (ORF in my case) files.

      I thought I had read (in a NAPP tutorial somewhere) that Cntrl-R would open all selected files in ACR as it does for RAW. Is this not correct?

      Any ideas on why the inconsistency when opening a single jpeg file?


      Additional Info
      Photoshop Version: Photoshop CS3

      Operating System: Windows XP