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    Opening Tiff in ACR vs Opening in PS

    Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2
      I found something disturbing about how one opens a Tiff (and possibly jpeg).

      If one inputs a tiff to ACR, makes adjustments and clicks done, then subsequently opens the now adjusted image by choosing CS3 in Bridge, that file will open WITHOUT the new adjustments. If you open in ACR, then tell it to open and not simply "Done" it comes with the tweaks. When you do it that way, you see in CS3 "Reading Camera RAW Format" before the image opens. Using Bridge to open straight into CS3, that info item doesn't show. This is also true if you open the file from "Open" or "Browse" in CS3.

      We need a flag to allow us to open w/o reading CR or with it. I have several images I had to screw with in CS3 because it seemed the tweaks in ACR for the tiff image was inadequate, which was rather confusing. Many times I finish an image late at night, say done, then reopen the next morning to print, and go straight to CS3.

      What other traps for the unwary exist between these methods of opening?