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    Batch Import .XMP info into DNG Files

      I have a few thousand Canon 5D RAW files that have accompanying XMP files created by PS CS2 containing of a lot of metadata that I manually typed in for each photo.

      Because of some better ICC profile features in DXO Optics Pro 4.x, I want to batch process my Canon 5D raw files (with XMP EXIF data) by DXO Pro into DNG. My problem is how to batch incorporate the XMP data into the resulting DNG file. It doesn't appear

      I found a way I can manually import the data in CS3 for a single photo. However, that's no good for 3000 photos.

      Does anyone have a simple batch method that will do what I want? The XMP files are all named the same as the RAW files, so matching up the files is a piece of cake.

      Could I create an action that would somehow open the new DXO generated DNG file, and import the XMP file using some type of filename matching process?