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    Loading .FLVs dynamically into a single .SWF

    BanComicSans Level 1
      Hey guys, so here's my issue. I've got a site that I'm working on with a friend of mine who is a software developer. His comfort is with .net and asp.net. The site we're doing has a media section where the clients want to be able to upload videos in .flv format and have these uploaded movies populate a dropdown list. Instead of having them upload a .swf of an flv player and the actual .flv movie, we would like to have a single .swf that loads these .flvs dynamically. So, basically the problem there is that the location of the .flv file is usually hardcoded, either through actionscript or through the component parameters window inside flash itself. So I figure the solution is to have the flv player inside the swf call to a variable in the database, and when each video is selected in the dropdown, it is set as that variable. Do you guys have any tips on that code or any other solutions to my problem?