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    How has ACR 4.1 changed your RAW workflow?

      Just installed CS3 a few days ago. I haven't quite invested the time to figure out what all the new sliders do. Previously, I was using CS2/ACR 3.7 to process my RAWs exporting to Photoshop CS2 for a considerable amount of post processing. I have read that the newer version of ACR has improved control over sharpening and highlight/shadow info recovery. So I guess my workflow may change as I prefer to do what I can in RAW first.
      Since there are many informed users here who have been using CS3 for a few months already, I am interested in hearing about your experiences and how these changes with ACR prompted changes to your new workflow.
      My workflow WAS to do most everything in ACR 3.7 (crop, WB, exposure, shadows, brightness, luminance noise reduction) then export to PS2 in 16 bit and add saturation, do highlight/shadow reovery adjustment, resize, sharpening and conversion to 8 bit to save as jpg.
      In view of improved capabilities in ACR 4.1, what changes to your workflow did you implement?
      Do you still sharpen in PS? Only localised sharpening?
      Do you now re-size in ACR 4.1?
      Is the saturation control in ACR 4.1 improved so that it is more desirable to do it there?
      Do you find ACR vastly superior to PS for highlight/shadow info recovery?
      Do you find that you do Clarity adjustments with most shots? If not when?

      As always, any comments and insight is greatly appreciated!!