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    Camera Raw


      I hope this is the correct area for these questions. I recently downloaded Adobe DNG and Camera Raw to my PSE 4 on Windows XP and am not certain that it was fully downloaded. I checked the FAQ section regarding camera raw and found the section about knowing if it is installed correctly. It suggests to make sure "it appears (only once) in the "About Plug-in" menu. Where is this menu located and how do I get there?

      I followed the steps to install the above from the download section of Adobe and a screen came up showing Adobe DNG converter and Plug-in Camera Raw. To the left it had "Folder Tasks" and "Extract all files". I clicked on this prompt hoping this was correct. I noticed that these files were put in a folder .... \Temporary Internet Files\Content\IE5\7XG4C04A\DNG_Camera_Raw_3_4[1].Zip.

      So, did I do correctly and how do I know it was successfully downloaded? As always, thanks for any assistance available.
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          With Photoshop Elements open, go to Help/About Plug-ins. That is where you will see Camera Raw listed. But from your description, it doesn't sound as if you put the plug-in in the right folder. It needs to be put in precisely the folder that is specified in the installation instructions, NOT the temporary folder that you listed. All you have to do open the ZIP file so that you can see the Camera Raw.8bi file, then open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder that was designated in the instructions. Once you have located that folder, all you have to do is in drag the plug-in from the ZIP file to that folder. The Extract function in the ZIP file is not programmed to put the file where it is supposed to be. It only extracts them to a temporary file that you really don't need in this instance.
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            Hi, Jim. Thanks for your reply. I followed the installation instructions and first removed the existing Camera Raw.8bi and put it in a new folder in local drive. After the download I checked the "files formats" and it now shows a Camera Raw Plug-in 8BI file.

            When I open PSE and go to help in the organizer I can not find "About Plug-ins". It show PSE, about PSE, Glossary, system info, updates, online, tutorials, and PSE online. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong area? Is there another location to find About plug-in? Also, as I am very new to this operation, would you explain what is necessary to do to open the zip file and where it can be found? Many thanks for your patience and understanding!
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              It seems I made an assumption based on how things are in Photoshop. You will probably get better help from the Photoshop Elements forum.
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                I found the "About Plug-in" in the editor and it shows Camera Raw. When I left click on Camera Raw a box appears showing Plug-in Adobe Raw. Should I understand that this means the download was successful? Is it necessary to Zip?

                Should I delete the temporary internet file?

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                  JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                  The ZIP file is simply a container file that is used to compress any number of files and put them in one container to transfer over the Internet over to use as an archive. You do not put the ZIP file in the folder that is listed in the installation instructions. You remove the old Camera Raw.8bi and you replace it with the new one that is contained inside of the ZIP file. When you found the About Plug-ins and saw Camera Raw listed, you should have clicked on it to find out what version you have installed. Your temporary Internet folder is not doing anything, and I would get rid of it..
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                    Thanks, and have a great day.