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    hLineScrollSize in ScrollPane does not work properly

      The hLineScrollSize, hPageScrollSize, vLineScrollSize, vPageScrollSize properties of ScrollPanes yield erratic results when clicking on the scroll track or the arrow buttons. This is especially noticeable on the first click, which moves the thumb bar but not the content.

      For example, I have a thumbnail viewer component as content in a ScrollPane. I've set both the hLineScrollSize and hPageScrollSize properties to 100, and when I first click on the scroll arrows, the thumb bar moves proportionately, but the content does not move at all. After the second click, the content beings to move, however doing this in reverse doesn't bring me back to zero. If I drag the thumb bar directly, it works as expected, so I presume this is not a content issue. Likewise the arrow keys will never bring me to the very end of the scroll track. It always stops several pixels before the end. Does anyone have a workaround for this?