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    Final Workflow Steps: Which is Correct and Why?

      When editing RAWs, what is the most advantageous way to end your workflow in creating a TIF or Photoshop file? (and why???!!!): (what order should these steps be in?):

      -converting from aRGB to sRGB (assuming of course you wanted to do that for outside lab processing)

      -resizing for proper print resolution

      -converting from 16 bit to 8 bit

      -final sharpening (I use Smart Sharpening and then fade in luminosity mode at 100%)

      I can think of arguments for putting these final steps in various orders, but there has to be 1 definitive final order (I don't know what it its). Perhaps the answer to this would be a subjective analysis of the final prints (in large formats) with different workflow orders....or perhaps it's a mathematical answer that only someone like Thomas or John Knoll could answer. I think a lot of us do these things in a certain order over time and just assume what we do is most proper workflow order. I've recently watched the workflow of several longtime professional photographers....and each had a different final workflow order before saving as a TIF. I've also corresponded with several well known PS and photography authors that had different opinions (I don't want to say who). Perhaps the answer is....if I can't see the difference, then it doesn't matter.