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    CS and CR2 - apparently not a match made in heaven  :^/

      Hello all!

      I just bought a Canon 30D this week. I shot with it for the 1st time this weekend - I was so excited to get home and open my RAW files but I'm having real trouble. The Canon 30D is producing CR2 images (camera raw 2 I am guessing.) CS is not able to open them. My 'old' camera was the 1st Canon digital rebel, I have no problems opening those raw files....I've been working with raw files for quite some time now......the raw concept is not a new thing for me.

      So, I hopped on the web this morning in search of answers. I went to the Adobe site and downloaded the Camera RAW 2.4 update with the DNG converter. I read in a few places that you had to convert the CR2 files to DNG files - and with the updated camera raw plugin (2.4) CS should be able to open them. I can't even get the DNG converter to convert my CR2 files! ARRRGGHHH! When I follow the instructions, (drag the folder of images containing the raw files over the DNG converter icon...that launches the converter) it says that it can't even locate any raw files. I tried dragging a few individual raw files to the converter...no luck with that either. I'm getting a bit frustrated. I blew the bank on the new camera and lens....there is no way I can upgrade my software any time soon. I'm thinking that I can't be the only person with this problem.

      I'm really, really hoping that someone has been though this and can offer some advice! Oh....I'm running Windows Vista if that matters to any of you.

      Thank you in advance for your help!
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          Peter DL Level 1
          Quote: "ACR 2.4 is the only version of Camera Raw that is still available for download for Photoshop CS. If your camera was added in no later version of ACR you have two options. The first option is to upgrade to the current version of Photoshop which uses ACR 4.1. It supports a lot more cameras, and yours is one of them.

          If upgrading is not an option for you, then you should go online and download the latest version of the DNG converter (currently 4.1) and use it to create Digital Negative (DNG) copies of your raw images. Those DNG files can then be opened in Photoshop CS using ACR 2.4."

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            Hi Peter, and thanks for your reply.

            The only download that was available for CS was the DNG converter with ACR 2.4. I did download that & it didn't work. I looked for what you suggested, the ACR 4.1 with DNG converter.....I found the download, but it clearly stated that it was not compatible with any version of Photoshop earlier than CS3. Did I miss something?

            Is upgrading really my only option?! If that's true, major bummer. I don't know what I'll do.

            Any other suggestions?
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              You are not reading it correctly. ACR 4.1 is only compatible with Photoshop CS3, that is true. However, the DNG converter is a separate program, it runs by itself, it is not a Photoshop plug-in. If you use the DNG converter that is packaged with ACR 4.1 you will find that it will create digital negative copies of your raw files that will open with Photoshop CS and ACR 2.4. That is the way it has worked for years. The DNG converter is updated the same as ACR. And if you always make sure you have the latest DNG converter you will be able to convert your raw images or the raw images from any supported camera to a DNG file that can be opened with Camera Raw 2.4.
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                I sure did read that incorrectly - thanks for the clarification Jim. I was a bit flustered this morning trying to figure this out. I had planned on getting these photos to people later this morning - this was a tiny wrench in my plans. I've downloaded the converter and it's doing it's thing right now.

                Take care,