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    RAW to JPEG Coloring Porblem

      I have a problem with the coloring of my images when I convert my images from RAW to JPEG. I work with a professional photographer on the weekends doing weddings and when doing so, I always use the RAW format. I use his cards since it is his business and he edits the pictures. I recieve a copy of the final product of the pictures he gives the bride in JPEG and then a copy of all the pictures that I took in the RAW format. I had been using JPEG until I played around with the RAW pictures in photoshop and realized how much more you can do with the pictures.

      Anyway, I've been running into a problem. I downloaded all the programs for RAW files so I can view them, etc. I can view them perfectly, open them with photoshop perfectly, and edit them perfectly. The problem occurs when I convert the RAW picture in photoshop to a JPEG. The picture completely looses all color and saturation. It gets the dull and grey look. If it is a shot of a person, their skin looks grey and green. However, if I reopen that file as a JPEG in photoshop, it shows up in perfect color. It's perfect if its opened in photoshop but looks terrible in JPEG. If I shoot in JPEG to begin with, the color is fine no matter what. I love shooting in RAW though because there is so much more you can do.

      I've done everything I can think of doing. I experimented myself and made the picture extremelly saturated and the colors overly bright but even then, photoshop still converts the RAW image to a gross looking JPEG. I sent a copy of the gross looking JPEG to a friend's compter to see if my computer had just distorted the color but even on her computer, it still wasn't right. I went to the professional that I work with and I pulled my images up on there. I showed him the nice RAW image and the crappy JPEG. On his computer, the JPEG was still wrong. He opened the RAW file and his computer in photoshop and saved it as a JPEG on his computer and it saved it perfectly. He didn't know when my computer was messing it up. He said it obviously wan'y my camera and was something with my computer or photoshop. We both have Photoshop CS2 so I compared the color settings and preferences but they were all the same. I also take classes at a photo center and my teacher's computer worked as perfectly as the professional's. My computer is not old at all. My brother is a computer engineer and knows everything. He just re-did my computer a few days ago (updated it, got rid of any viruses, etc.) and he put on the new Photoshop CS3. I was hoping that this would help me out but it's still the same problem. I jsut want to know why the color gets messed up when I convert a RAW picture to a JPEG. Thank you!
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          What color settings are you using in Photoshop? The other possible issue is you have a bad monitor profile installed.
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              Thomas Knoll Level 2
              Set the color profile to "sRGB" in the Camera Raw dialog. It sounds like you are using a non-color-managed application to view the resulting JPEG files that are saved out of Photoshop. Camera Raw defaults to "Adobe RGB", which has a wider gamut, but will look desaturated if viewed in a non-color-managed [i.e. stupid] application.

              These stupid applications include most web browsers.
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                Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Before you fire off on CR and PS, you really need to learn about color management if you do anything in digital photography and digital photoediting. The problem that you are encountering is that you're handing off jpegs in a color space different from sRGB to people that use color dumb apps. Unfortunately, basically every windows app and browser (i.e. 95% of your audience) does not understand proper color management. To combat this, convert your images into the sRGB profile before sending them out (trivial in PS). Also make sure you attach profiles when exporting to jpeg. You can read a little more about this in this excellent description. The problem is that you'll loose some gamut at the expense of compatibility.
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                  A) It sounds like you are using a Nikon camera... hence the green problem... although I have seen some Canon slime too... Do you control the color white balance with a good gray card when you shoot?

                  B) It sounds like you are working on the files until they look good on your monitor but then...

                  B.1) your monitor is not calibrated to a non equipment based standard like Adobe 1998 so the out put doesn't hold for the next step


                  B.2) you are not embedding a profile (sRGB or Adobe 1998 or other equipment based profile) to provide instructions for your software and hardware to know where black and white and neutral gray are so they can render the photo correctly... no instructions (aka profile) equals unpredictable color from one step to another...

                  C) Maybe you have the camera on one color profile and photoshop on another but you still aren't embedding when you save the file?