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    Warning serious issue with ACR edits not updating


      I have issues with general slowing with Bridge however I have now come across what I consider a serious issue.

      I went through about 90 images and applied ACR edits and then selected them all and clicked Done.

      When I looked at the thumbs in Bridge it was as usual slow to apply the edits to the Bridge thumbnails. A few minutes later I selected the images in Bridge and ran them through a photoshop batch to sharpen them and convert them to Jpegs.

      When I looked at the jpegs I noticed most of them had not had the camera raw edits applied to them before being sharpened and saved as jpegs. I checked serveral images I had cropped in ACR and the jpeg version was not cropped.

      I thought maybe it was slow updating the files with the ACR edits and I had run the photoshop batch too quickly after the edits so now over 30 mins later I deleted my jpegs and ran the batch again on the NEFs. This time most of the jpegs were okay but there were still a handfull that again had not been updated with the ACR edits I had done.

      I thought even if the bridge previews were still being updated the actual edits to the files happened quickly. How could it be that after over 30mins ACR edits had still not been applied to the NEF files and when I perform a further action on them they are still not updated?

      Happy for someone to point out what I am doing wrong. Otherwise Adobe have a big bug.