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    can't install camera raw 4.1 on Mac

      I have an Intel iMac running OS 10.4.10, Photoshop CS3 and Bridge CS3.
      I couldn't make Camera Raw work, and it did not appear in ...Adobe/Plug-ins/CS3/FileFormat as it is supposed to do. In fact, there is no such folder in Library/Application Support...

      There is, however, a folder: Adobe/CameraRaw/Defaults/Preferences.xmp. A similar thing appears in the Photoshop CS3 in Appplication Support, but it has a bunch of Presets as well

      In the drop-down menu in Bridge "Open in Camera Raw" appears, but it is always grayed out.

      When I first went to open Camera Raw and I had this trouble I couldn't find the CR Plug-in where it seemed to belong, so I uninstalled Camera Raw. (The two folders above seem to have gotten left behind). Then I downloaded it afresh. However, the download has no read me, and it did not install itself where it belongs. It is just sitting on the desktop in a folder named DNG_Camera_Raw_4.1.dmg. In it are the two icons:
      b /Volumes/DNG_Camera_Raw_4_1/Adobe DNG Converter.app
      b /Volumes/DNG_Camera_Raw_4_1/Camera Raw.plugin.

      Where should I move them to? I am especially puzzled because I do not have the proper Application Support folder. Is there a way out of this other than uninstalling and reinstalling all of Photoshop?