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    Opening RAW files in Bridge - not recognized as "Camera RAW files"

      I would appreciate any help with this as I am frustrated after spending hours trying to figure this out:
      I use a Mac OS X laptop
      I have a Panasonic (DMC FZ8) camera that I've been taking RAW pictures with. I plug my camera into my computer and try and open the RAW files directly from the camera using Bridge (I have Photoshop CS2)..I have also tried copying the files to a folder on my desktop and opening from there. The problem is that Bridge doesn't recognize my .RAW files as actual "Camera RAW" files and the icons remain as the Preview icon and not actually a preview of the image. If I click on it to open it in Photoshop the "Photoshop RAW Options" come up set on 8 bits and when I open it, it's just a gray screen. I have checked the settings for RAW Camera and the Panasonic RAW files .raw is selected. I have also tried selecting "show only camera raw files" in my window that is open and my .RAW files that are there gray out - so the program isn't recognizing them.
      I just downloaded the Plug-in 3.7 Camera Raw and had to create folders for it in Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CS2/File Formats. the only folder I had was Application Support/Adobe so the rest I created.
      I'm now lost as to what I should do next. Nothing I try seems to be working.