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    Editing JPEGS in ACR -- does it resave my JPEG?

    Motifone71 Level 1
      Apologies if this has been answered, but wasn't sure how to search for this question --

      Adobe Camera Raw offers the ability to apply edits to JPEG files in the ACR plugin. If you make any tweaks to the JPEG, the "sidecar" information seems to be saved back into the file, similar to a .DNG file. These tweaks can be reversed or removed, just like working on a RAW file.

      My question is -- when ACR saves out the JPEG with the adjustment info., is this "damaging" the JPEG? My understanding is every time you save a JPEG, you introduce compression artifacts, even in the slightest. Is this not the case with the ACR process with JPEGS? I know ACR is only saving adjustment information to the JPEG, so do the perils of saving a JPEG again not apply? Normally, I wouldn't care about these slight artifacts, but I am making the ACR adjustments on my original camera JPEGS and want to make sure I can always go back the original pure camera JPEG just by shutting off the adjustments I made.

      PS - Normally, I shoot RAW but shoot the occasional JPEG and like the tweaking ability of ACR.