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    loadMovieNum question ?

      Hallo Forum

      Hope you can help. I have a base swf in which I load through loadMovieNum script three other swf´s one of which is a sliding menu. This should always stay on top. I have acheived this by changing the level in nav.swf for both to 2. (main.swf/panorama.swf) and left the nav.swf to 3 .The problem I now have is that when the 2 swf load (main.swf/panorama.swf) you see for a short time the level 1 swf (panorama.swf) load and then the level 2. swf (main.swf). I have included the two swf code. I was hoping that someone might know how to solve this problem or could give me some tips that would lead me in the right direction.
      Thanks for any help in advance
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          load whatever you want to be seen by the user into a higher level. that may be a temporary swf that just has a shape the color of your _level0's stage. after that small file completes loading, load whatever into lower levels and when those have completed loading, unload the temporary swf.