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    Setting my levels in ACR - is it possible?

      Hi, I'm using CS2 and ACR 3.7.

      Before I start I'll say that a)I'm colour blind... so I can't rely on my eyes to adjust b)my colour adjustments are not sophisticated, no profiles etc being used as I'm not certain of what I am doing yet.

      When I open an image from my EOS 5D in Photoshop I nearly always end up (especially if it is a portrait) running an action to get the colours where I want them. The action takes the red channel and sets the middle input level from 1 to 1.1. It takes the green and sets it from 1 to 1.01. And it takes the blue and sets it from 1 to 0.95. Just now and then I want to set them to 1.2, 1.1 and 0.9 but that is unusual.

      I would have thought that I could set these as defaults and save them on the calibrate tab of ACR. However I have no idea how the sliders in ACR relate to the levels for the three channels in a levels adjustment layer.

      Would it be the same as increasing/decreasing the hue or saturation (or both) sliders for the appropriate colours? If so - how much? How do I work it out.

      If not, can I do what I am trying to do in ACR automatically rather than having to do an action later?

      Pointers to explanations elsewhere or guidance here both equally appreciated!

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          A color blind photographer, neat trick, got to be tough.

          I do this only as a hobby and do not use actions so I can only relate to what I do. I use a WhiBal card, google it. Makes for a one click color balance, even for my six adopted black children. You have your model hold this card in one shot only and color correct in mass, providing you don't change the lighting. Their web site provides instructions.

          Additionally, upgrade to ACR 4.1, makes a big difference. Good Luck
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            Level 1

            > A color blind photographer, neat trick, got to be tough.

            Maybe that's why I love black and white ;) It isn't too bad. I usually ask my kids or my wife to check stuff, but if faces look wrong they probably are!

            WhiBal or any other balance method is ok if you can stuff it in the shot. If you're doing an event or a wedding there may not be a chance. But more to the point that relies on selecting and updating files in ACR with them all open. What I'm looking to do is go to bridge, select all the files and apply ACR defaults (having chosen my defaults... of course).

            Upgrade to ACR 4.1 I'm sure would be great... but as I'm on CS2 that's not an option just now. It won't go beyond 3.7 :(