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    Correcting white balance: RawShooter seems better than CS2 ACR?

      (Photoshop CS2, Windows)

      I sometimes use "RawShooter Essentials 2006" to process raw photos taken with a Canon s70. The pictures are from diving trips, and the water is usually very green. I set WB by clicking a neutral spot in the image. For example, the white porcelain of a sunken toilet. (!)

      The other day I tried Adobe Camera Raw in PS CS2 and was surprised that auto WB seemingly did a worse job than the same tool in RawShooter. I'd like to know how to get better results out of ACR.

      Here is a thread with more details, sample pictures, and a link to a very green raw file. I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter.


      (Would CS3 work any better? I guess I should try it.)
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          michael shaffer Level 1
          Matt ...

          After using ACR Wb tool, you should be able to put your curser over the same spot and see that ACR has adjusted (for example) R-G-B of 120-128-120 to be approximately 122-122-122. You might want to verify and report these values when you return.

          It also seems to me that the number of pixels that are sampled can be changed; for example, a single pixel, or a matrix of 5, when a single pixel would be less accurate. How to check or change this escapes me at the moment, but I think someone else will correct me (try right-clicking the Wb tool). In any case, this also should be an option for RE, and both software made equivelent for your next test.

          HTH :)
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            I thought it might be something like that too. But now I don't think it is, and here's why.

            In both applications, the WB tool only adjusts the color temp and hue sliders, right? Copying those values from one program to the other produces the same results as in the sample pictures. That is, one program looks much different than the other.

            That should take the sampling tool out of consideration, and it still leaves me thinking that the WB correction routines are different in the two apps. For my uses, anyway--deep under green water is admittedly a fringe case.

            I guess it's not so bad though, the free program is doing what I need. But as a Photoshop user and fan I'd like to figure out why there is a difference. :)

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              my guess is that the toilet shouldn't really appear to be white if it is submerged in water that isn't clear. It should have a green cast if in green water or blue cast if in blue water.
              Forcing it to appear white will have unintended results elsewhere. Use the slider and eyeball the WB, instead of using the eyedropper..