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    Unable to open TIFF files in ACR 4.1

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      I am not able to open any TIFF files in ACR 4.1 - I have never been able to do this no matter what combination of preference settings (I am pretty sure that I have tried every possible combination ) I set in Bridge 2.1, ACR 4.1 and PSCS3 and no matter what size of TIFF file (ranging from 8-bit 5MB to 16-bit 120MB) or its source - even TIFF files generated by PSCS3 itself and regardless of the absence or presence of any known form of compression. I am using Win XP SP2 Intel Processor 2.4GHz with 2GB RAM and 200GB spare HDD space. I have tried junking and renewing both the PSCS3 and ACR 4.1 Preference files (cant identify the location or name of the Bridge 2.1 Preference file) without success. Anyone got any suggestions, please?