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    Ramon, please step inside ...

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      Hi Ramon,

      In the spirit of reconciliation ... an olive branch ...

      First, an apology. Things got a little (ok, a lot) heated in that "other" thread, and for my part, I apologise unreservedly.

      Look - I think it's fantastic you're so passionate about Adobe products, as many of us are. I'm sure many times you've been most helpful to people with your posts, too.

      As someone who's relatively new to these forums as I am however, I fear you may be "taking it out" a little too hard on those of us who are newer around here and who may be asking what an old salt like yourself might see as "dumb questions". Frankly, many of your recent posts are coming over as arrogant and rude - whether or not this is what you intended at the time. Sadly, the mods have had to shut down threads where you've gotten wound up on at least 2 occasions.

      You seem like a knowledgeable chap with oodles of experience and value to add to the Adobe community. So, why tarnish such a reputation with a few misdirected or heavy-handed posts? I'm sure most of us would be delighted to have your esteemed input in solving problems or answering questions absent "a bad attitude".

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the purpose of the forums was for discussion and information? Any reasonable person would agree that hurling abuse at people, especially when you make it personal, doesn't help anyone - yourself included. It only puts an abrupt end to the thread, denying yet another Adobe customer or prospect the option of user-group based support.

      I'm not saying that you should have to put up with us newbies, or that you don't have a right to your opinion - just that if you don't like the subject of the topic, just please ignore it instead of posting abusive or unhelpful comments in the thread for the sake of the greater community. In other words, if you don't have anything positive to say, or any value to add - why speak at all? By all means, air your gripes - but again, please don't make them personal.

      I respect your 8000+ posts, for sure. I just hope that most of your next 8000 will help someone in some way, instead of making this your own personal sandpit for hurling abuse at the other kids.

      Please take this in the spirit of constructive criticism and reconciliation. This is not a personal attack. It would be a shame if the mods felt that even with all your experience and history, that you were no longer welcome in the community.


      Matthew (porter porter ;P)