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    Converting to DNG without RAW embed increases file size...????

      I convert all my Canon CR2 Raw files to DNG. I have recently noticed though that selected folders full of these DNGs are twice the file size of the original CR2. The thing is, I have never embedded the original CR2. My file sizes go from a little over 12M to 25M in the conversion. When testing to try to find the problem, I found that when I do embed the original that file size increases to 30M. If I try to go backwards, selecting a folder that contains the larger-than-normal DNGs, and I try to extract the original CR2, it tells me there is no original to extract. So from everything I can tell, these files are doubling in size for a reason other than the original Raw file being embedded. As far as I can tell, there also is no rhyme or reason to how some folders end up with normal file size DNGs, and others are double the file size....Anyone know?