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    Batch converion to PS smart objects from ACR 4.2

      I want to open a bunch of raw files in ACR 4.2 from Bridge and create PhotoShop smart objects from them. I tried to do this by selecting the files in Bridge and opening them all in ACR. This is where I got stuck.

      - If I click "Open Object" one file is opened in Photoshop and I can save it as a Smart Object. This works but is very slow for 50-100 images. Also, I found a bug that truncates the filename so I have to manually fix each one.

      - If I click "Save Image" the images save as regular images, not as smart objects. The "Save Image..." button apparently saves only regular images, not smart objects, and I can't find any way to change the label to "Save Object..." or otherwise change the mode.

      I've set the options at the bottom to "Open in PhotoShop as Smart Objects" (as I said, the Open command will create the smart object) but can't anyway to make the "Save Image" command actually save objects.

      Is there a way to do this or is it a limitation with smart objects in ACR?

      Environment: PS CS3, ACR 4.2, Bridge 2.1, Windows XP 64 bit with all updates installed for each.