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    ACR and CS2

      This is now the 3rd time I've been FORCED to upgrade because Adobe does not maintain support for its products. CS3 is out so, CS2 is dead. I've been paying the price for the UPGRADES for years. Now, I have to do it again because the new cameras are only supported in CS3 and Lightroom (which I do have).

      Sure, I'm just whining.. to the tune of $1,800. So much for a fixing the hood on the race car.
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          How do you figure $1,800?

          You know, once you have a legal license, you only have to pay for an UPGRADE?

          And, if you are cheap, all you need to do is download Adobe DNG Converter 4.2 and you can convert your raw files (for cameras that weren't even AVAILABLE at the time the original software was written) and use those DNGs all the way back to Camera Raw 2.4 in Photoshop CS...

          Sorry, no sympathy here bud...it's the price of progress and new cameras. Otherwise, why even buy a new camera uness you wanted progress? Whinning? Naw, sounds like sour grapes...